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Year Manufacturer Model S/N Details Price Location
Liebherr    2008 Liebherr R934C F000444

Hydraulic cab riser, 40' live heel boom with Rotobec 4560SHD grapple, 30" grousers. Excellent millyard machine. Call for complete written condition report.

$139,500 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000460

Single Arch, 14.4' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Transmission rebuild at 6284 hrs,/5/16/17. Just arriving.

Call for Price SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000461

Single Arch, 14.4' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Transmission rebuild at 6284 hrs,/5/16/17. Just arriving.

Call for Price SC
Timberpro    2014 Timberpro TF830B F000466

Squirt boom, 710/45-26.5 tires.

$285,000 SC
Deere    2011 Deere 748H F000462

Dual Arch, 130" grapple, winch, SWEDA axles, 30.5 tires. Reman transmission @11,750 hrs, 9/29/16. Just arriving.

Call for Price SC
Deere    2011 Deere 748H C000463

Dual arch, 130" grapple. Winch, SWEDA axles, 30.5 tires, autoshift and dual mode steering options. Transmission rebuilt 11/23/15 @ 10,750 hrs. and Reman engine replaced at 6668 hrs. Just arriving.

Call for Price SC
Deere    2013 Deere 748H F000467

Dual Arch grapple, 127", winch, 1400 Extreme axles, 30.5 tires (3 of 4 are still original Firestone tires @ 60%), autoshift and dual steer mode options. Nice, clean, one owner right of way contractor tractor. Just arriving.

$157,500 SC
Tigercat    2011 Tigercat 635D C000313

25' grapple, hi cap fuel tank (no winch), 35.5 front and 750/50-2635 rear tires. One owner.

$275,000 NC
Peterson    2011 Peterson 4310 C000349

Drum chipper, Cat C18-765HP, chip accelerator/grates, remote control, twin disc clutch (original), fire suppression system. Updated cover panels, belt guards, overhead load adapter, belt tensioner, belt pulleys. All history available, very nice, smooth running drum chipper. One owner.

$250,000 NH
Doosan    2013 Doosan DX235LCR C000347

Tier III engine, Rotobec 3045-R 4/3 tine grapple with RPG902-1 rotator, Doosan quick coupler, bucket, hydraulic thumb all included. One owner.

$120,000 NH
Tigercat    2004 Tigercat 250T C000347

Hi rise, hydraulic tilt cab, 32' live heel boom, Rotobec 4552HD grapple, 28 double grousers. Bar/circle saw slasher lower hydraulics. One owner.

$125,000 NH
Tigercat    2005 Tigercat 250T C000346

Hi rise, hydraulic tilt cab, 32' live heel boom, Rotobec 4552HD grapple, 28 double grousers. Bar/circle saw slasher lower hydraulics. One owner.

$125,000 NH
Valmet    2007 Valmet 475FXL C000344

Quadco 24" full rotation sawhead, Cummins QSL9.0 330 hp, 28" Single Grouser pads on 9" pitch track chain, 16'9" track length, pump drive cooler, 1.5" windshield, GTF80 Lohman final drives, auxiliary fuel tank option, seat is climate controlled (heat and a/c), continuous rotation swing. 10'9" wide, 12'9" high, 90,000lbs. One owner. Call for complete condition report.

$210,000 NH
Peterson    2007 Peterson 4800E C000343

Two flail hydrostatic debarker. En route to SC. Updated pictures and complete inspection available shortly.

$160,000 SC
Peterson    2008 Peterson 5900 C000342

Standard 23" disc chipper with Cat engine. In route to Lexington, SC. Will have updated pictures, inspection upon arrival.

$190,000 SC
Morbark    2009 Morbark 2755 C000341

Dual engine (Cat 3-27 & C13), three flail, three pocket, end loading flail chipper. Recent Cat rebuilds on both motors.

$399,000 LA
Deere    2005 Deere 335 F000459

Deere swing out reversible slasher saw. Rotobec 4042HD grapple. Unknown hours but believed to be in 10,000 range. Good running machine, good turntable. Call for complete condition report.

$ 34,900 SC
Tigercat    2005 Tigercat T250 F000455

Hi rise cab, hydraulic tilt, 32' live heel boom, Tigercat grapple, 36" tracks. Just arrived. Call for status and pricing.

Call for Price SC
Deere    2011 Deere 437D F000458

CSI 437D delimber, Rotobec grapple. Just arriving. Call for status and pricing.

Call for Price SC
TIgercat    2005 TIgercat 230B F000456

CSI 143 delimber, Tigercat grapple, Big John trailer. Just arrived. Call for status and pricing.

Call for Price SC
Tigercat    2009 Tigercat T250B F000456

32' live heel boom, hi rise hydraulic tilt cab, 36" pads, HD counterweight, Tigercat LG4053 grapple, Delimber/slasher lower hydraulics. Unit just arriving. Call for status/pricing.

Call for Price SC
Barko    2007 Barko 595ML F000450

CTR 450 delimber, QSB 6.7 Cummins engine. Rotobec 4048HD grapple. Machine runs out very well. Has good pin joints and good tuntable. Engine original and runs good with minor blowby. Pumps original and hold proper pressure but have some leakage. Call for complete condition report.

$ 47,500 SC
Deere    1996 Deere 548G F000453

Single Arch grapple, winch, 28L tires. JD 6068T engine has been rebuilt in past. All brakes and diff locks work. Some seeping leaks, no significant leaks. Some pin wear, only significant in arch to frame pivot. A/C not working. Winch works. Call for complete condition report.

$ 29,500 SC
TImberpro    2011 TImberpro TF830B C000340

8WD forwarder, tracks, 710 tires.

$220,000 SC
Tigercat Sawhead   2010 Tigercat DW5003 F000298

Off 2010 Tigercat 718E with 9000 hrs. Call for condition report.

$ 5,500 SC
TIgercat Sawhead   200 TIgercat 5702 F000226

center post sawhead with tilt link. Good condition. Call for condition report.

$ 18,500 SC
TIgercat    2013 TIgercat DW5003 F000452

Sawhead for Tigercat wheeled buncher. Good condition. Removed from 5815 hour Tigercat 720E

$ 11,500 SC
Tigercat    2016 Tigercat 620E F000451

Dual Arch, 17' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Tigercat axles, EHS transmission. Priced ready to go, cleaned, serviced, greased.

$179,000 SC
Deere    2013 Deere 648H C000339

Dual Arch, winch, 8 speed direct drive transmission, JD 1400 Extreme axles, 30.5 Firestone tires @ 40%. Autoshift, dual steer and declutch options.

$122,500 WV
Cat    2013 Cat 535C C000338

Dual Arch, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Call for condition report.

$138,500 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000447

Dual arch, 14.4' grapple, winch, HD axles, dual power. Installing new engine. Call for status and price.

Call for Price SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000443

Single Arch, winch, 30.5 tires. Unit has transmission problems. In shop for repairs.

Call for Price SC
Cat    2013 Cat 535C F000499

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple head, winch, 30.5 tires. Just arrived. Will be cleaned, serviced and repairs as necessary for stated price. Call for status.

$ 99,500 SC
Deere    2003 Deere 648GIII F000434

Single arch, winch, 30.5 tires. Just arriving. Call for complete condition report.

Sold SC
Deere    1994 Deere 648E F000431

Single arch grapple skidder was converted to a spray rig. Grapple is separate. Winch, 30.5 tires. Hour meter not working. Skidder powertrain is good but otherwise rough, leaky, loose. Winch works. 30.5 tires.

Sold SC
Hydro Ax    2003 Hydro Ax 411EXP F000441

HC20 sawhead, 28L tires. Machine amazingly tight/dry. Sawhead runs smooth, crack in disc and saw skirt half missing.

Sold SC
CTR    2013 CTR 320 F000445

CTR 3 knife pull thru delimber. Removed from 13 model Cat 559B loader. Comes with delimber box. Delimber fully functional and good condition.

$ 12,500 SC
Hitachi    2012 Hitachi ZX210F-3 F000425

35' live heel boom with Jewell HD grapple. New Isuzu engine with 2 year/2000 hr. warranty. Good U/C with 32" triple grousers. Hydraulic tilt cab riser. Serviced, cleaned, greased. Call for complete written condition report.

$125,000 SC
Tigercat    2016 Tigercat 870C C000336

Logmax 12000 installed new @ 800 machine hours. (900 hours on processor head). Machine running daily.

$505,000 SC
Tigercat    2016 Tigercat 635E C000335

Bogie skidder. 25' grapple, 35.5 front tires, 380/50-26.5 rear tires with tracks. Running daily. No problems.

$385,000 SC
Tigercat    2014 Tigercat 635E F000440

Bogie skidder with 25' grapple option, 35.5 front tires, 30.5 rear tires, extended range fuel tank. One owner machine under dealer maintenance program.

$279,500 SC
Tigercat    2016 Tigercat 724G C000308

Tigercat DW5502 sawhead, 30.5 Firestone tires, wide range transmission. Machine hours 1049, engine ECM hours 907. Machine is tight, dry, all properly functional in all areas. Last service at 710 hrs.

Sold SC
Cat    2007 Cat 324DFM LGP C000322

FMLGP version. Hydraulic cab tilt. 36" triple grousers, 38' live heel, 55" Cat log bypass grapple. Cat C7 engine. Has auxiliary ground saw hookups. LGP version has 32" ground clearance and 9' track gauge with 11'11" overall width. Approx. 80,000 lbs. Call for complete written condition report. One owner machine.

$145,000 SC
Cat    2016 Cat 535D C000331

Dual Arch, winch, 35.5 tires. Complete new transmission at 1300 hrs. Running daily.

Call for Price MS
Deere    2013 Deere 843K F000438

FD45 saw, 28L tires. Tractor serviced, repaired as needed. Tight and dry for used tractor. Some saw disc and bottom skid wear but otherwise excellent.

$ 96,500 SC
Morbark    1997 Morbark 1000 C000329

Cat 3306, 325 hp, chip thrower, hood, very tidy machine. Engine original. Extra grates. Unknown actual hours. No hour meter.

$ 69,500 VA
Deere    2012 Deere 748H F000430

Dual arch, 16' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, SWEDA axles, auto shift and declutch. Call for complete written condition report.

$ 99,500 SC
Timberpro    2012 Timberpro TF830B F000436

Hultdins 360S grapple with snubber, 31' squirt boom, 710/45-26.5 tires. Rear camera, light package, fold over headache rack. Serviced, ready to go. Call for complete condition report.

Sold SC
Cat    2011 Cat 535C F000429

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Call for complete written condition report.

Sold SC
Prentice    2008 Prentice 2384 F000437

CTR 426 delimber, CTR 5055TWR50 grapple, Evans D-48-HD trailer. One owner machine. Call for complete written condition report.

Sold SC
Trelan    2008 Trelan 23RC C000328

Cat C27, 800 hp. Remote control. Run on clean chip operation. Well maintained

$159,000 SC
Bandit    2014 Bandit 3590 F000435

Cat C-18, 700 hp. Platinum Cat warranty (5,000 hrs or 12/10/19). Remote controlled. Serviced, cleaned, repaired and ready for production. Call for complete condition report.

$269,500 SC
Trelan    2005 Trelan 23RC C000327

Cat 3412E 760 hp, remote control. Run in clean chip operation. Well maintained.

$105,000 SC
Tigercat    2011 Tigercat DW2001 F000421

Off Tigercat 720E, 2011 model with 9689 hours. Good condition. Call for condition report.

$ 12,000 SC
Cat    2009 Cat 320DFM C000326

35' live heel, hydraulic cab riser, 28" triple grousers, 14222 hours. Good condition for hours. 68,000 lbs.

$ 85,000 FL
Morbark    2011 Morbark M20R C000325

Drum chipper, Deere 6090H Tier III, 400hp, WPT clutch, bolt in belly pan, remote control, reversing fan, hydraulic swivel discharge, discharge cleanout, pegged top infeed roller. 17,700 lbs.

$115,000 VA
Cat    2014 Cat 525C F000416

Single arch grapple, 14.4' grapple head, winch, standard axles, 30.5 tires. Serviced and ready to go.

$128,500 SC
Deere    2015 Deere 648H F000423

Dual arch, 12.5' grapple head, winch, 30.5 tires, 1400 Extreme axles, torque converter transmission, auto shift, dual steer. Engine warranty to 5,000 hrs or April 9, 2018.

$159,500 SC
Morbark    2014 Morbark 3800XL C000324

Cat C18-700 hp. Platinum warranty to 8-18-2020/10,000 hrs. Dust suppression system, wireless remote and tethered backup controls, aux. air compressor. Reversing fan & hydraulic drum rod puller.

Sold SC
Timbco    2000 Timbco 445D F000394

Quadco 22" saw with 360 degree rotation, 24" tracks. Good running machine. Good history.

$ 69,500 SC
Cat    2010 Cat 573 F000419

SC 56 saw, 30.5 tires. Solid machine. Few minor fix up items (A/C, park brake, minor leaks, couple hose guards missing, two small cracks in sawdisc). Center and cradle are tight. Good powertrain. Call for complete condition report.

$ 55,000 SC
Tigercat    1999 Tigercat 726B F000420

Tigercat 5600 sawhead, 30.5 tires. Solid older tractor. A few minor leaks, good saw disc, tight in center and cradle. Call for complete condition report.

Sold SC
Tigercat    2013 Tigercat 480 F000415

Fecon FGT9025 mulching head, winch, Cummins QSX15 - 500 hp, 28" grousers, cruise control, reversing fan, rear and upward camera system.

$255,000 SC
Deere    2013 Deere 437D F000407

CSI 264 Ultra delimber, Rotobec 4048HD grapple, Big John hydraulic trailer. One owner. Cleaned, serviced and ready to go. Call for complete condition report.

Sold SC
Tigercat    1999 Tigercat 240 F000410

Hi rise hydraulic tilt cab, self propelled carrier. Front axle pulled to transport on lowboy. Carrier needs driveshaft. Grapple needs rotate motor/swivel. Loader runs fine, needs stabilizer cylinders all packed. Good fixer upper. Brand new main collector. Hour meter not accurate.

$ 12,500 SC
Tigercat    2006 Tigercat 720D F000408

Tigercat 5600 saw, 30.5 tires, 3597 engine hours on Recon Cummins. Cleaned, serviced, repaired and ready to go.

$ 63,500 SC
Woodsman    2009 Woodsman 337 F000413

One owner, low original hours. Cummins QSX15 - 630hp. Aux air compressor. Updated 7" shaft/ bearings, knife holders and counterknives.

$119,000 SC
Prentice    2007 Prentice 2384 F000404

Circle Saw hydraulic package, CTR 320 delimber, Rotobec 4048HD grapple, Big John trailer. Cummins QSB6.7 220 hp engine, Recon 2012.

Sold sc
Prentice    2011 Prentice 2570 F000401

SH50 sawhead, 28L tires. Lower hour machine. Call for complete written condition report.

$ 50,000 SC
Cat    2011 Cat 535C F000393

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires.

$ 88,900 SC
Deere    2011 Deere 748H F000392

Dual arch, 130" grapple, SWEDA axles, Winch, 30.5 tires. Primex Xtreme tires. One owner machine. Cleaned, serviced, repaired as needed and ready to go.

$ 87,500 SC
Tigercat    2014 Tigercat 620E F000391

Dual arch 17' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Cleaned, repaired, serviced, ready to go. Written condition report available upon request.

$139,500 sc
Deere    2012 Deere 643K F000386

FD45 saw, 28L tires. Serviced, repaired, cleaned, greased, ready to go.

$ 89,500 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 563C F000385

SH56B sawhead, 30.5 tires. One owner, non typical operation. All PIP updates done.

$139,500 SC
Morbark    2009 Morbark 2755 C000314

Three flail, three pocket, 7/8" chip, endloading spout, dual engine, wet clutch. Cat C27 tier 2 main engine @ 875hp and Cat C13 tier 3 flail drive engine @ 440hp. One owner unit just recently shut down. Well maintained with one job supervisor and one operator since new. Call Paul at 803-920-0693 for further details.

$295,000 LA
Cat    2012 Cat 559B F000378

CSI 264 Ultra delimber, Prentice 5055TWR50 grapple, Big John hydraulic trailer. Nice, one owner machine. Just in, will be serviced and repaired for listed price.

Sold SC
Tigercat    2013 Tigercat 720E F000370

Tigercat 5000 sawhead, 28L tires. Cleaned, serviced, repaired for resale and ready to go.

Sold SC
CSI    2012 CSI R60 C000294

extra new saw blade included. One owner.

$ 23,500 VA
CSI    2016 CSI DL4400 F000365

New 18' slasher saw with quick couplers

Sold SC
Morbark    2006 Morbark 2355 C000276

Three flail, Cat 3412E, 1000 hp, top loading chute, aux air compressor, PT Tech clutch, hydraulic air curtain, Morlift 500, Webasto heater. Unit was a Morbark rebuild in 2012 at 9089 hours. Michigan Cat rebuilt engine complete at that time. Very nice, tidy machine.

$625,000 NY
Bandit    2010 Bandit 3590 C000272

Cat C18, 700hp. Well maintained one owner machine running daily. Engine rebuilt June, 2017 complete. Hardfaced pockets, infeed transition, infeed chain idlers, etc. Replaced original chains at 8500 hours.

$112,500 GA
Cat    2010 Cat 525C F000354

Single arch, 12.5' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, HD axles. Ready to go.

Sold SC
Peterson    2010 Peterson 5900EL C000271

Cat C18, 765hp, infeed table, remote control, end loading chute (top loading chute not included), excellent condition. Chipper gross weight 53,800lbs, weight on chipper axles 29,300 lbs.

Sold CA
Morbark    2010 Morbark 2536 F000349

Deere 400hp, auto reverse, reversing fan, compressor, remote control.

$125,000 SC
Chambers    2006 Chambers CD1 C000260

Deere 8.1 litre Tier II engine, remote. Factory reman unit in 2006.

Sold SC
Tigercat    2010 Tigercat 620D F000326

Dual arch, 15' grapple, severe duty axels with 35.5 tires, winch, 2.18 transfer case, JS steering.

$ 99,500 SC
Tigercat    0 Tigercat DW5603 F000302

very good sawhead

$ 18,500 SC
Morbark    2006 Morbark 30RXL C000247

Four knife chipper. Cat 3412E, separator, Morlift 1000 loader. Rotates in fleet on pine chipping crew. Engine rebuild at 8,000 hrs.

$199,500 LA
Morbark    2007 Morbark 2355 C000246

3 knife, Babbit, 3 flail, Cat 3412E, Morlift 500, compressor, discharge conveyor. One owner machine. Very well maintained, running in a four chipper rotation with three pine plantation chipping jobs. Original engine.

$299,000 LA
Tigercat    2009 Tigercat 718E F000288

Tigercat 5000 sawhead, 28L tires. New saw disc/bearings Dec 2013, new hydrostat pump and motor April 2015. Cleaned, repaired, serviced and ready.

$ 79,500 SC
Fabtek    0 Fabtek clambunk

28' clambunk removed from Fabtek 548 sn FA003901. Less than 1000 hours.

$ 6,900 ME
Tigercat    2004 Tigercat 724D C000234

Tigercat 5700 sawhead, 34x25 tires. Cummins QSC8.3 engine. Machine is lower hour, tight. Saw runs smooth, has some disc cracks and butt plate wear. Call for complete written condition report.

$ 49,900 SC
CSI    2003 CSI FDT6000 C000231

Flail delimber combo. CSI 264 delimber. Unit is in very good condition. Has updated hi torque flail drive. Included hose package. ?Dimensions: ?Length … 33'-4" (400") ?Width … 8'-6" (102") ?Weight … 22,500 lbs. ?Height … 13'-2" (158")

$ 29,500 NC
Terex    2014 Terex TBC440 C000230

New machine, two full pocket 50" diameter drum, 45" wide. 40" diameter upper feed roll. Cat C18, 765 hp. Twin Disc clutch. Eaton FX control system, remote control. 60,475 lbs operating weight, 9'11" wide, 11'1" high. New warranty. Best value on a 765hp chipper on the market.

Sold GA
Woodsman    2010 Woodsman 430TL C000229

Cummins 600 hp, two, full pocket, 50" diameter drum. 30" width. PT Tech clutch, Cat 320EL u/c, Eaton FX control system, direct drive feed system. 70,000 lb operating weight, 132" wide, 138" high transport dims.

Sold GA
Tigercat    2007 Tigercat 620C F000265

Dual arch, 15' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. One owner tractor. Original powertrain. Hours on new IQAN module. Call us for a complete condition report.

$ 69,500 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 553C F000250

SH 56B sawhead, 28L tires. Tier III engine. One owner, fleet maintained. Ready to go.

Sold SC
Cat    1984 Cat 518G F000308

Morbark 20" shear. 28L tires. This is basically a turn around skidder manufactured by Cat. This machine only shows to have 5773 hours on the working hour meter. The powertrain is in very good condition for an older tractor.

$ 15,000 SC
Peterson    1998 Peterson 5000G 2G-173-428

Two flail. Parts machine. Engine is sold.

Call for Price SC
Peterson Pacific    1998 Peterson Pacific 5000G 2G-174-433

Parts machine. Has 11-2005 E3412 1000hp engine with 2494 hrs separately priced at $55k.

Call for Price SC
Caterpillar Engine   2013 Caterpillar 3126

2012 Remanufactured CATERPILLAR 3126TA Long Block for CAT 525B or 535B Rubber Tired Skidder.  Block is expertly remanufactured to precise OEM manufacturers specifications. All components are original, new condition valves, bearings, cam, oil pump and lifters.  Normal turn around time is 3 to 5 days from order date. Call today for more information.

Call for Price SC

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