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Year Manufacturer Model Stock # Details Price Location
Cat    2016 Cat 559C F000347

Like new. CTR 426 delimber, Pitts KB50-DH trailer, 5055TWR50 grapple. In service date 1/26/16. Factory warranties, one year standard, 2 year/4000 hr powertrain + hyd, 3 yr/6000 hr structural.

$215,000 SC
Tigercat    2015 Tigercat T250D 1616571

36' live heel, 11,500 cwt, TC 4053 grapple, 47link D6 chain, slasher hydraulics, 29" cab riser.

Sold SC
Terex    2014 Terex TBC440 C000230

Two full pocket 50" diameter drum, 45" wide. 40" diameter upper feed roll. Cat C18, 765 hp. Twin Disc clutch. Eaton FX control system, remote control. 60,475 lbs operating weight, 9'11" wide, 11'1" high. New warranty. Call for pricing/delivery.

$337,500 GA
Deere    2014 Deere 848H C000277

Dual arch, 19' grapple, 35.5 tires @50%, winch, SWEDA axles. Nice, one owner, plantation pine tractor, fleet maintained. Jobsite pictures. Just in on trade. Will be cleaned.

$155,000 LA
Caterpillar Engine   2013 Caterpillar 3126

2012 Remanufactured CATERPILLAR 3126TA Long Block for CAT 525B or 535B Rubber Tired Skidder.  Block is expertly remanufactured to precise OEM manufacturers specifications. All components are original, new condition valves, bearings, cam, oil pump and lifters.  Normal turn around time is 3 to 5 days from order date. Call today for more information.

Call for Price SC
Cat    2013 Cat 553C F000250

SH 56B sawhead, 28L tires. Tier III engine. One owner, fleet maintained. Ready to go.

$127,500 SC
Timberpro    2013 Timberpro TF840B C000258

Clambunk skidder. Cummins 300 hp, dual 28L/23.1 tires.

$299,500 Fl
Deere    2013 Deere 748H F000356

Dual arch, 127" grapple, autoshift transmission, winch, 30.5 tires, dual mode steering. Engine was dusted, being rebuilt. Sold new in April, 2014. Priced ready to go.

$143,900 SC
Deere    2013 Deere 643K F000355

FD55 saw, 28L tires. Just in. Priced with two new front tires, cleaned, repaired, serviced, ready to go.

$122,900 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000325

Dual arch, 14.4' grapple, HD axles, C-503 MECHANICAL WINCH, 30.5 tires. Unit cleaned, serviced and ready for use.

Sold SC
Cat    2013 Cat 535C F000339

Dual arch grapple, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Cleaned, serviced, repaired and ready to go.

Sold SC
Deere    2013 Deere 748H F000346

Dual arch grapple, SWEDA axles, new Nokian 30.5 26 ply tires, declutch, auto shift, dual steer. One small tear in front grille but very clean tractor. Ready to go.

$124,900 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000359

Call for Price SC
Tigercat    2012 Tigercat 724E F000344

Tigercat 5700 sawhead, 30.5 tires, Cummins Tier IV. Machine in service date was 4/18/2013. Dealer performed all preventative maintenance since machine put into service. Ready to go. Engine hour meter 2995.

Sold SC
Morbark    2011 Morbark 4036 C000211

Advantage 3 drum, Cat C18 engine, new feed chain January 15, new front floor section and belly bands fall of 2014. Original drum/good. One owner machine. Aux air compressor/good. No leaks, very tidy chipper for hours. Running daily. Hours as of January 27, 2016

$199,500 SC
Deere    2011 Deere 648H F000313

Dual arch, 30.5 tires. New engine installed March, 2015. Cleaned, serviced, repaired. Less winch, but unit is winch ready. Can add winch for $5,000.

Sold SC
Tigercat    2011 Tigercat 234 F000253

CSI 264 Ultra delimber, Pitts KE48-D hydraulic landing gear trailer. Tigercat LG4053 grapple. Cleaned, serviced, repaired, ready to go.

$114,500 SC
Deere    2011 Deere 2154D C000269

35' live heel boom, Rotobec 4552HD grapple with Rotocut 750 grapple saw, 32" triple grousers. Ground saw hydraulic option. U/C in very good condition. Running daily. Machine is tight and dry, all functions properly operational. Inspection report available. Hours as of 8-9-16.

$175,000 GA
Morbark    2010 Morbark 4036 C000268

Deere 600HP, new head & injectors at 5,000 hrs. New bed chain, new knife holders/hardware, complete service, no leaks, compressor serviced, brakes, lights all working. Ready to go. One owner machine.

$189,500 Nova Scotia
Deere    2010 Deere 748H F000241

Dual Arch, winch, 30.5 tires.

$ 95,000 SC
Woodsman    2010 Woodsman 430TL C000229

Cummins 600 hp, two, full pocket, 50" diameter drum. 30" width. PT Tech clutch, Cat 320EL u/c, Eaton FX control system, direct drive feed system. 70,000 lb operating weight, 132" wide, 138" high transport dims.

$275,000 GA
Deere    2010 Deere 643K F000310

FD45 saw, 28L tires. Solid powertrain & hydraulics. Call or email for a complete condition report.

$ 59,500 SC
Tigercat    2010 Tigercat 620D F000326

Dual arch, 15' grapple, severe duty axels with 35.5 tires, winch, 2.18 transfer case, JS steering.

$109,500 SC
Deere    2010 Deere 748H C000261

New transmission by dealer 2-29-16. SWEDA axles, winch, 30.5 tires.

$ 88,900 SC
Cat    2010 Cat 559B F000345

CTR 426, Prentice 5055TWR50 grapple, Evans 48- HD trailer with swing down landing gear. One owner, well kept loader. Needs a few repairs but can run like it is.

Sold SC
Morbark    2010 Morbark 2536 F000349

Deere 400hp, auto reverse, reversing fan, compressor, remote control.

$125,000 SC
Peterson    2010 Peterson 5900EL C000271

Cat C18, 765hp, infeed table, remote control, end loading chute (top loading chute not included), excellent condition. Chipper gross weight 53,800lbs, weight on chipper axles 29,300 lbs.

$265,000 CA
Cat    2010 Cat 525C F000354

Single arch, 12.5' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, HD axles. In shop for repairs/service. Call for status and pricing.

Call for Price SC
Bandit    2010 Bandit 3590 C000272

Cat C18, 765hp. Well maintained one owner machine running daily. Original engine, oil pressure 38-78 psi. No blowby. Hardfaced pockets, infeed transition etc.

$129,500 GA
Bandit    2010 Bandit 3590 C000272

Cat C18, 765hp. Well maintained one owner machine running daily. Original engine, oil pressure 38-78 psi. No blowby. Hardfaced pockets, infeed transition etc.

$129,500 GA
Woodsman    2009 Woodsman 337 F000350

Cat C18, 700 hp, wireless and tether remote. Upgraded hardware.

$ 75,000 SC
Tigercat    2009 Tigercat 718E F000288

Tigercat 5000 sawhead, 28L tires. New saw disc/bearings Dec 2013, new hydrostat pump and motor April 2015. Cleaned, repaired, serviced and ready.

$ 79,500 SC
Waratah    2008 Waratah 18" saw C000218

18" sawhead for Prentice 2470, HX 470 etc.

$ 5,900 SC
Peterson Pacific    2008 Peterson Pacific 5000H C000267

Two flail, three pocket, end loading spout. Key knife hardware. New Cat C27 1050 hp engine installed Dec. 2015. Recent repairs besides new engine include new flail/feed roll lift manifold and pump, new loader manifold, new radiator, rebuilt hood, belly pans and spout lining. New Rotobec RT252 rotator assy. Unit is currently running on a limited schedule.

$595,000 BC
Tigercat    2007 Tigercat 620C F000265

Dual arch, 15' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. One owner tractor. Original powertrain. Hours on new IQAN module. Call us for a complete condition report.

$ 75,000 SC
Morbark    2007 Morbark 2355 C000246

3 knife, Babbit, 3 flail, Cat 3412E, Morlift 500, compressor, discharge conveyor. One owner machine. Very well maintained, running in a four chipper rotation with three pine plantation chipping jobs.

$499,000 LA
Peterson    2007 Peterson 4710B 29B-51-1391

Cat C16, 630hp. PT Tech clutch replaced at 5483 hrs. New feed chains and conveyor replaced at same time. Smooth running mill. Remote control.

$250,000 SC
Cat    2007 Cat 256C C000279

Hi flo, a/c, low original hours. HM312 mulcher head. Bucket, and other attachments.

$ 37,900 SC
Tigercat    2007 Tigercat T250B C000279

32' live heel, grapple options available, 36" triple grousers, hi rise hyd. cab. Excellent overall condition.

$129,900 ME
Peterson    2006 Peterson 5000G C000240

Three flail, three pocket, Babbit knives, 7/8" chip, 53" sheave, top loading spout, fire suppression, USA fifth wheel.

$439,900 Ontario
Morbark    2006 Morbark 30RXL C000247

Four knife chipper. Cat 3412E, separator, Morlift 1000 loader. Rotates in fleet on pine chipping crew.

$299,000 LA
Cat    2006 Cat 525B F000275

Dual arch, winch, 30.5 tires. Bad engine. One owner. Low hour 2006 model B series skidder. In shop. Call for status and pricing.

Call for Price sc
CBI    2006 CBI SSLD0417 SSLS0417

Heavy duty stump shear. Came off Cat 330CFM. Manual quick tach. Good condition.

$ 19,500 SC
Tigercat    2006 Tigercat 635C F000311

25' grapple, 8.3 Cummins engine, winch, SWEDA front axle, new NAF bogie assemblies complete. Axle tech differential. 2.81 Transfer case. 44" front tires, 43" rear tires. Unit has been reconditioned and is ready for production work.

$129,500 SC
Tigercat    2006 Tigercat 625C C000262

18.5' grapple, SWEDA axle wiht 66x43-26 front tires, 750/55-26.5 rear tires. 2.89 T-case, Flexair fan, Cummins Tier II engine.

Sold Alberta, CAN
Chambers    2006 Chambers CD1 C000260

Deere 8.1 litre Tier II engine, remote. Factory reman unit in 2006.

$ 50,000 SC
Morbark    2006 Morbark 2355 C000276

Three flail, Cat 3412E, 1000 hp, top loading chute, aux air compressor, PT Tech clutch, hydraulic air curtain, Morlift 500, Webasto heater. Unit was a Morbark rebuild in 2012 at 9089 hours. Michigan Cat rebuilt engine complete at that time. Very nice, tidy machine.

$625,000 NY
Cat    2006 Cat HM312 C000278

mulching head. Off low hour Cat 256C. Very good condition, minimal wear. Priced to sell.

$ 12,900 SC
Trelan    2005 Trelan 23RC F000201

Cat 3412E, in frame overhaul three years ago. Recent HEWI pump and injectors. Cleaned, serviced, new bottom feed roller. One owner machine.

$ 79,500 SC
Cat    2005 Cat 330CFM F000269

Forest Machine (FM) general purpose. NYE HD 40" bucket with CBI manual quick coupler. CBI stump shear, hyd. thumb. Hyd tilt cab riser. See condition report in service log below.

$ 98,500 SC
Peterson    2005 Peterson 4800E F000348

2 flail, hydrostatic flail debarker. Cat C9, remote and tether control. Four Stabilizers. Air system all good. Serviced, new wear liners, good drums, ready to go.

$119,500 SC
Tigercat    2005 Tigercat T240B C000280

32' live heel, 36" triple grousers, hi rise hyd. Cab. Low hour unit, excellent condition. Grapple options available.

$ 89,900 ME
Tigercat    2004 Tigercat 724D C000234

Tigercat 5700 sawhead, 34x25 tires. Cummins QSC8.3 engine.

$ 59,900 SC
Tigercat    2004 Tigercat 240B C000241

CSI 264 delimber, Tigercat 4053 grapple. Job shut down due to death of owner. Loader runs good, needs cleaning, servicing.

$ 39,500 Ill
Waratah    2004 Waratah 622B 622-216

Harvester/processor head with all controls, handles, computer etc. Taken off Timberpro TB820E clambunk. Good condition, rollers, pins/bushings. All functions worked correctly including length and diameter measuring. Video available taken just before removal of processor.

$ 24,900 SC
CSI    2003 CSI FDT6000 C000231

Flail delimber combo. Unit is in very good condition. Has updated hi torque flail drive. Included hose package. ?Dimensions: ?Length … 33'-4" (400") ?Width … 8'-6" (102") ?Weight … 22,500 lbs. ?Height … 13'-2" (158")

$ 35,500 NC
Deere    2003 Deere 748GIII F000358

Dual arch, no winch but winch ready, 24.5 dual tires, SWEDA axles. Hours are not actual but meter works.

$ 42,500 SC
Deere    2003 Deere 535 C000281

Self propelled loader, hi rise cab, 32' live heel boom. Low hour loader. Excellent condition. Grapple options available.

$ 49,900 ME
Cat    2002 Cat 525B F000357

Single arch grapple, winch, good 24.5 tires. It is mechanically sound, good tires, a few minor leaks. A/C works. Winch works good. No major pin wear. Just arrived. Will clean, grease and sell as it is.

$ 35,000 SC
Timberjack    2002 Timberjack 660D F000332

Dual arch, winch, 30.5 tires.

$ 25,000 SC
Timbco    2001 Timbco TB820E C000259

Eight wheel drive, recently installed rear tracks and Hultdins 360 Supergrip grapple. 750 tires. 2008 Recon Cummins. Forwarder is running on land development job in Va. Hours are supposed to be actual. Machine has no major pin wear, all functions good. No major leaks.

$110,000 VA
Timberjack    2001 Timberjack 530 C000282

Self propelled loader, hi rise cab, 32' live heel boom. Excellent condition for hours. Grapple options available.

$ 35,000 ME
Peterson Pacific    1998 Peterson Pacific 5000G 2G-174-433

Parts machine. Has 11-2005 E3412 1000hp engine with 2494 hrs separately priced at $55k.

Call for Price SC
Peterson    1998 Peterson 5000G 2G-173-428

Two flail. Parts machine. Engine is sold.

Call for Price SC
Peterson    1997 Peterson 5000G C000232

Three flail, three pocket, key knife, Cat 800hp mechanical rebuilt @ 13,000 hours, end loading spout, woodyard machine.

$185,000 Nova Scotia
Tigercat    1997 Tigercat 720 F000281

Newer DW5003 sawhead, 6BTA Cummins has been replaced. 23.1 tires. Very good running machine.

$ 35,900 SC
Hydro Ax    1996 Hydro Ax 511E C000237

Koehring 20" saw, 28L tires, Cummins 6BT.

$ 24,900 SC
Cat    1987 Cat D6H 4RC01258

Manual angle, twin tilt blade. Cat 56 winch, sweeps. Low hour machine. U/C 50% prox.

$ 45,000 SC
Cat    1984 Cat 518G F000308

Morbark 20" shear. 28L tires. This is basically a turn around skidder manufactured by Cat. This machine only shows to have 5773 hours on the working hour meter. The powertrain is in very good condition for an older tractor.

$ 15,000 SC
Fabtek    0 Fabtek clambunk

28' clambunk removed from Fabtek 548 sn FA003901. Less than 1000 hours.

$ 6,900 ME
FEC    0 FEC 0000 25172

Long frame buck saw

$ 6,500 IL
Tigercat    0 Tigercat DW5603 F000302

very good sawhead

$ 18,500 SC

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