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Year Manufacturer Model Stock # Details Price Location
Deere    2013 Deere 648H C000339

Dual Arch, winch, 8 speed direct drive transmission, JD 1400 Extreme axles, 30.5 Firestone tires @ 40%. Autoshift, dual steer and declutch options.

$122,500 WV
Cat    1984 Cat 518G F000308

Morbark 20" shear. 28L tires. This is basically a turn around skidder manufactured by Cat. This machine only shows to have 5773 hours on the working hour meter. The powertrain is in very good condition for an older tractor.

$ 15,000 SC
Deere    2010 Deere 748H F000241

Dual Arch, winch, 30.5 tires. Very sound tractor.

Sold SC
Tigercat    2007 Tigercat 620C F000265

Dual arch, 15' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. One owner tractor. Original powertrain. Hours on new IQAN module. Call us for a complete condition report.

$ 69,500 SC
Tigercat    2010 Tigercat 620D F000326

Dual arch, 15' grapple, severe duty axels with 35.5 tires, winch, 2.18 transfer case, JS steering.

$ 99,500 SC
Cat    2010 Cat 525C F000354

Single arch, 12.5' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, HD axles. Ready to go.

$ 70,000 SC
Deere    2013 Deere 748H F000371

Dual arch grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, 1400 axles. Declutch, dual steer, autoshift and reversing fan. Serviced, ready to go.

Sold SC
Tigercat    2014 Tigercat 620E F000391

Dual arch 17' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Cleaned, repaired, serviced, ready to go. Written condition report available upon request.

$139,500 sc
Cat    2006 Cat 525C F000395

Single arch, 12.5' grapple head, winch, HD axles, one owner. Recent Cat rebuilt transmission. Cleaned, repaired, serviced and ready to go. Call for written condition report.

$ 70,000 SC
Deere    2011 Deere 748H F000392

Dual arch, 130" grapple, SWEDA axles, Winch, 30.5 tires. Primex Xtreme tires. One owner machine. Cleaned, serviced, repaired as needed and ready to go.

$ 87,500 SC
Cat    2011 Cat 535C F000393

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires.

$ 88,900 SC
Cat    2006 Cat 535C F000409

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple head, winch, 44" tires. Runs fine, minor blowby, shifts and pulls good. Center pins worn, misc. leaks, pin wear. Price is firm.

Sold SC
Deere    2013 Deere 648H F000424

Dual arch, 125" grapple, winch, 1400 Extreme axles, torque converter, auto shift, dual steer. One owner. All serviced, tight, dry, nice tractor.

$115,000 SC
Deere    2015 Deere 648H F000423

Dual arch, 12.5' grapple head, winch, 30.5 tires, 1400 Extreme axles, torque converter transmission, auto shift, dual steer. Engine warranty to 5,000 hrs or April 9, 2018.

$167,500 SC
Cat    2014 Cat 525C F000416

Single arch grapple, 14.4' grapple head, winch, standard axles, 30.5 tires. Serviced and ready to go.

$128,500 SC
Tigercat    2005 Tigercat 630C C000318

Cummins 240hp Recon with 916 hours. Dual arch, 18' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, one owner machine. Call for complete condition report.

Sold SC
Cat    2011 Cat 535C F000429

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Call for complete written condition report.

$ 79,500 SC
Deere    2012 Deere 748H F000430

Dual arch, 16' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires, SWEDA axles, auto shift and declutch. Call for complete written condition report.

$ 99,500 SC
Deere    1998 Deere 548GII F000432

Grapple and winch. 28L tires. One owner machine. Call for complete condition report.

$ 32,000 SC
Tigercat    2014 Tigercat 635E F000440

Bogie skidder with 25' grapple option, 35.5 front tires, 30.5 rear tires, extended range fuel tank. One owner machine under dealer maintenance program.

$279,500 SC
Tigercat    2016 Tigercat 635E C000335

Bogie skidder. 25' grapple, 35.5 front tires, 380/50-26.5 rear tires with tracks. Running daily. No problems.

$385,000 SC
Deere    1994 Deere 648E F000431

Single arch grapple skidder was converted to a spray rig. Grapple is separate. Winch, 30.5 tires. Hour meter not working. Skidder powertrain is good but otherwise rough, leaky, loose. Winch works. 30.5 tires.

$ 12,500 SC
Deere    2003 Deere 648GIII F000434

Single arch, winch, 30.5 tires. Just arriving. Call for complete condition report.

$ 20,000 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 535C F000499

Dual arch, 16.6' grapple head, winch, 30.5 tires. Just arrived. Will be cleaned, serviced and repairs as necessary for stated price. Call for status.

$ 99,500 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000443

Single Arch, winch, 30.5 tires. Unit has transmission problems. Priced as is for now.

$ 37,500 SC
Cat    2013 Cat 525C F000447

Dual arch, 14.4' grapple, winch, HD axles, dual power. Installing new engine. Call for status and price.

Call for Price SC
Cat    2013 Cat 535C C000338

Dual Arch, 16.6' grapple, winch, 30.5 tires. Call for condition report.

$138,500 SC
Cat    2016 Cat 535D C000331

Dual Arch, winch, 35.5 tires. Complete new transmission at 1300 hrs. Running daily.

Call for Price MS

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