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  • "Forestry First has worked with me to help me buy and sell equipment. In both cases it has been very successful for me. The machines I bought were just as described in the inspection".

    - Bob in Alabama/USA

  • "After several months of trying to sell my log loader by conventional means, I opened an email from Jesse Sewell. He was looking for a loader like mine. I cannot say it will happen for you just like it did for me, but I can say you will get good advice and an honest opinion. My loader sold at MY PRICE in four days".

    - Rocky in Georgia/USA

  • "We had been trying to sell our skidder for almost two years. Then we met the guys at Forestry First on a logging job. They had our machine sold in two months. They did everything they said they were going to do. We really appreciate the job they did".

    - Mike in South Carolina/USA

  • "Deciding to do business with Forestry First is the best decision I have made when it comes to buying and selling used equipment. They are great people and there is no pressure."

    - Jesse in Louisiana/USA

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